Mr. Silk , Carter Middle School

Week 3

Students have completed an intensive week of essay work , they workrd hard , congrats to them!

September 16 to 20

8th Grade

Notebook check and grading

Detailed instruction for persuasive essays

Vocabulary words intensive to persuasive essays

Writing of a Persuasive Essay


6th Grade

September 16 to 20

Notebook check and grading

Vocabulary for essays

Context Clues for assistance in developing vocabulary

Writing of a Persuasive Essay

week 5 9/30 to 10/4

8th gradde students

9/30 , Monday, NWEA  testing in Reading , Please encourage students to have a good night sleep the night before and to do the best they can.

Parents encourage students to spend some time reviewing websites on Middle School Reading Strategies, the sites are free and they give additional support for the student's understanding of reading for meaning , Thanks.

10/01, Tuesday 1/2 day , hours 1 to 3

Introductory paragraph work

10/02 , Wednesday

Introductory paraagraph instruction

Body paragraph instruction

10/03 , Thursday

Body paragraph work

Transition words

10/04 , Friday 

Transition words , Instructon on proper writing of conclusion paragraph


6th Grade , 9/30 to 10/04

Monday, 9/30

Finish thesis sentence work

Tuesday, 10/01, 1/2 day , hours 1 to 3

Introductory paragraph instruction

Wed , 10/02 

Finish Intro work

Body paragraphs instruction

Thur , 10/03

Body paragraph work and transition sentences

Fri , 10/04

Transition words and Conclusion paragraph construction


October, 7  to 11

The 8th graders tested all  last week for NWEA . The plans for last week will be implemented this week.

The 6th graders will be testing for NWEA all this week. Encourage them to do their best and to get good rest every night.


This will help to reinforce classroom instruction


October 14th to 18th

8th grade,

Persuasive essay on air pollution , it will be graded as an assessment in the grade book.

After completion of essay the class will be moving on to studying figurative language in literature.


6th grade, 

They will also be doing a grade appropriate persuasive essay on air pollution , it will also count as an assessment for their grade.

After completion of essay 6th graders will be further sharpening their skills in summarizing , paraphrasing , and theme in literature.


WEEK 10/21 TO 10/25-----8TH GRADE


Gain proficiency in elements of narrative poetry.

Be able to recognise and use figurative language.


Monday--Elements of narrative poetry

Tuesday-- I am Poem , verb work , figurative language

Wednesday -- narrative poem structure

Thursday -- poetry analysis

Friday -- narrative poem examples

WEEK 10/21 TO 10/25 , 6TH GRADE


Write original work using figurative language

Write dialogue correctly 

Monday -- Introduction to narrative poetry

Tuesday -- Identify Figurative language in poetry

Wednesday -- Recognise and write dialogue in narrative poetry

Thursday -- Jabberwocky poem

Friday -- Figurative language review